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Since 2013, I have worked on various projects that have been both in the realm of freelance and full time roles. The bulk of my projects have been created for audiences based in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Through collaborations with local businesses and non-profits, I have created sites that service their clients and positively reflect their organization.

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Working with Drafting Table has been one of my favorite experiences. Drafting Table is a local organization that loves to give. At first glance it may just look like a bar, but in reality it’s a place where people congregate as a community.
I worked closely with Drafting Table on their website and trained them on how to update their content in-house to allow for a smooth transition. I will still make small edits periodically at their request.


My time at Mundo Verde Public Charter School was very rewarding.
I was able to improve my skills and learn lessons that would assist me to grow as a developer. I held a number of roles at Mundo Verde including Outreach Associate. While in this role, I was in charge of Mundo Verde’s website, newsletter, graphic content and social media accounts. I also supported in the creation of fundraising campaigns, grant proposals and the coordination of major events.

The website was created with families in mind. Being a very diverse and bilingual school, we decided it was important for the site to be in both English and Spanish, without it looking too cluttered. By clicking on the language buttons on the top right, you can navigate between the two languages seamlessly.


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This wedding site was created with mobile viewing as a top priority. I designed the site for a couple in Chicago who wanted a simple site that would be accessible to all ages. With that in mind, this site was created to be easily viewed on a mobile, and it is easily navigable.



Style Guide

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This style guide contains the company logos, social media logos, color palette, and fonts for Mitche Web Development. A style guide is a necessary tool for every web developer as well as for a company’s website and communications. It creates uniformity, standardized image and formatting, and organization within company communications and throughout the website. When it comes to branding, a style guide is one of the most pivotal tools to ensure a continued united vision.